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Simone Pagano

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” - Lao Tzu

I’m Simone and I’m glad you’re here right now.
I could write a lot trying to describe myself, I could write that I was born and raised in Milan, that I have a degree in Communication Design and that I’ve recently done an intensive short course about Concept Art but I believe it would probably bore you.
I prefer to describe my way of thinking, my way of dealing with life and every experience.
I like to think that everything has its time, that if you really believe in something and you keep consistency working hard, you can go really far. Willpower and perseverance can really make the difference.
I like to have a stepwise approach, keeping my aim stuck in my mind, aware that is going to be just a step for the next one.
I like to put passion in what I do because it’s the only way I know to reach something that you’ve never thought before. As it happened many years ago when I was a little more than a child and I started playing around with images trying to bringing my ideas to life. The same passion that now I hope can bring me so far that I can even imagine. ( f**k, I’m overtalking)

What I Do
Fine Arts
Digital Painting
Photo Editing
Digital Art
Concept Art

Work experience


September 2017 – September 2019

Freelance Digital Artist @Studio Cirasa


March 2016 – April 2017

Junior Retoucher @B612


September 2015 – February 2016

Visual Designer @Constant Commerce